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Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Check this out — Tic Tac Toe. Here’s Lexi tossing mini-frisbees on a giant tic tac toe board made simply by Hope on an old sheet. She took colorful tape and made the board. Then, she bought little frisbees and the kids (and adults) actually tossed them onto the squares hoping to get three-in-a-row. Perfect for outdoor fun, at a… Read more »

Soak up that Energy – Plan for it!

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It’s funny I couldn’t think of a title for today’s KIDFUN because I really have so much to say about our trip to Disney World. We got home late yesterday and, it truly is a magical place. I mean imagine meeting ALL your heroes at one time. Ryan couldn’t believe she could hug (and get autographs) from all the princesses… Read more »

Counting the Days …. Together

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It seems amazing when you plan ahead and, finally, the big day arrives. For a toddler and a preschooler, you can say, “Only one month to go,” and he has no idea what that means. You can even try, “Only 26 days left.” Kinda’ meaningless. So, it seems the best way to share the excitement for an upcoming event is… Read more »

Do You Believe in … Pixie Dust?!

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I was celebrating the holidays with friends at the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC) and on the table was some “pixie dust!” Well, that’s what we called it. It was the tiniest pieces of sparkly confetti scattered around. One of us picked it up and felt the consistency, and I think it was Sharon who… Read more »

KIDFUN Kindness

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What could be a better time of year to teach your child about kindness! We spend so much on our kids, why not spend a little more (like $5) to teach a lesson on helping another? First, do a little research to find a nearby charity where children aren’t as blessed as yours, perhaps in a hospital or a shelter…. Read more »

Movie Favorites – Get Cozy

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The holidays are approaching and you’ll have plenty of time to spend with kids. Try sharing YOUR favorite childhood movies with them. Get out the popcorn, the blankets (if getting warmer makes it more fun) and just cozy up together. We did it with Ryan yesterday. Only three years old, sitting through “The Sound of Music” was not going to… Read more »

Linens … for Kids! Surprising Gifts

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I know — shocking, right? Why would you go into a linen department to buy gifts for the kids? It’s easy — all their favorite friends are there! Have you ever thought about an assortment of pillow cases for a present? One night, Elmo could be a pillow pal, another Sponge Bob or Dora and so many princesses. You could… Read more »

Ring those Bells!

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This KIDFUN tip is so easy, you don’t have to read past the title! Yep, get out of those bells — jingle bells, of course! I mean, it’s that time of year and your child could have a ball sitting in the car seat, listening to the radio and getting into the holiday spirit by ringin’ those bells! I know,… Read more »

Dress-Ups – A Gift for Instantaneous Fun

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I know I’ve talked about hats and wigs, but I have to tell you a “trunk” (well, a box) of dress-up clothing brings immediate gratification to the giver. Actually, one dress-up item works just as well. From the Learning Express in Cherry Hill, NJ, we bought Ryan an apron with pockets in front filled with a toy hair dryer, comb,… Read more »