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There’s something very special about bedtime … getting the kids settled down and cuddling up together. Try these special games for these special times.

Crazy Animals

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You may be wondering what these drawings represent, and that’s exactly what I want you to do. Because they are artistic creations and nothing specific. We call them Crazy Animals. Yep, so crazy that there can be 10 eyeballs right in the middle of a rectangle body. So crazy, that a chicken foot might be popping out of the top this oval… Read more »

Magic Carpets for Two

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It must be that these magic carpets were going so fast that this picture got blurry! … (some excuse for my photography!) … But, it sure was fun when I discovered I had two carpet remnants and after saying a few magic words like “Abracadabra, Magic Carpet Take us to ____”, Ryan and Sari were off on an imaginary journey!… Read more »

DidiPop’s Music a Gift at Bedtime

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I met DidiPop through KIDFUN and have connected to her music ever since. So has Ryan and now it’s time for Sari. Her music is fun, catchy … fun to sing to and now with “Bunny In The Moon: bedtime songs for falling asleep”, her music is helpful, too. There are 14 original songs that take a child through the… Read more »

Count the Syllables — It’s Fun!

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Yep, this IS KIDFUN. Have you ever tried to teach very young children to break words into syllables. It’s really all about rhythm. Teach your children to speak chop-py. Try the word “rab-bit.” Then ask them to count the syllables with you. Say “rabbit,” slowly — Rab-bit! 2! Then try “pho-to-graph.” You may need to use fingers for counting. (I know what… Read more »

Sing … Record … Sing … Record!

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Today it is so easy to record your kids singing! Between SmartPhones and computers, we can save the most precious voices of our children. I just heard Juliana Jost (about to become a mom herself) sing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing when she was four. Her voice was beautiful … so delicate and YOUNG! Her dad, Paul, who happens to… Read more »

So Many Pals – Make up Their Life Stories!

I wasn’t too sure what to call this but, have you noticed how young children  have a very special relationship with their stuffed animals? And, then there’s one that often becomes “it,” the one they take everywhere. Well, what does your child know about that plush toy, that very special “Pal” and many of his others? They could have wonderful… Read more »

Lightening Up a Holiday Gift!

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Nope, this isn’t about ornamental lights — but it is about adding some brightness with an easy-to-do holiday gift. How ’bout a collection of FLASHLIGHTS? You know, they come in all sizes — those tiny ones for a key chain, the regular size (in all colors), those large ones used more for construction work. Kids just love flashlights and if… Read more »

Magic Carpet Ride!

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Okay — this was one is really easy and a great opportunity to dream with your child. Place a small throw rug next to your child’s bed and when it’s time to go to sleep, ask him if he first wants to go on a magic carpet ride. What happens on this carpet? It’s magic … anything! Why don’t you… Read more »