KIDFUN Kindness

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What could be a better time of year to teach your child about kindness! We spend so much on our kids, why not spend a little more (like $5) to teach a lesson on helping another?

First, do a little research to find a nearby charity where children aren’t as blessed as yours, perhaps in a hospital or a shelter. Visit it online with your child so he understands, too. It would be nice for you to both call there to see if they’d like to receive a present for a child.

Then give your child a little extra money and go shopping to buy a toy for a needy child. Honestly, you could go to the dollar store with $5 and buy a lot! But, even better, if your child is old enough to have allowance, ask him to spend his own money to help another.

And, before going shopping, help your child imagine the person he’d like to help. Perhaps your little boy would like to buy a truck for another little boy or a doll for a girl OR vice versa! Then, shop. He can pick the present, come home and wrap it with you and then deliver it. Let him know when you drop it off, you’ll probably hand it to a receptionist, to build realistic expectations.

In fact, take his picture through the whole process so he has a visual memory of helping another. It would be great if you could take his picture while he is handing the toy to the receptionist. Then, make a book of these photos and have him write a story with you about the day Kevin Shared Kindness this holiday season!

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