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In our family, going on an adventure is doing something different, exploring, experimenting. Hopefully, the KIDFUN tips you find here, will encourage you and your kids to share new experiences together.

Concoction Cooking

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You could say I hate to see uneaten food get wasted! You could say … I know a great way to keep kids occupied! … Or, you could say … I’m just remembering some great fun I had with my brother when I was a kid! Well, they all work! … Did you ever do this? Make a terrific concoction… Read more »

Cookie Designs

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What a perfect way to spend time indoors (especially if it’s a snow day like it is in our area)! It’s not just baking cookies — it’s decorating them! Yum! Here is Jessica Heisen helping Ryan (and Sari, Molly and lots more kids who came later). The first part of this project is baking sugar cookies together. If you’re like… Read more »

A Sprout Day!

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I don’t know about your kids but mine love Sprout TV and today we’re lucky to go for a visit to the SunnySide Up Show! Is there a local TV station near you? Yes, I know Sprout is national — but I wonder if you could visit your local TV station sometime with the kids. Even standing in the background… Read more »

Take a Hike … with Young Children

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  What is it about wondering in the woods that is so refreshing and fun … for all ages! Think about finding great wooded areas near you that are easy to navigate with your young children. Make it an adventure! I remember taking Amy and Hope when they were young to a nearby park and finding little wooded sections to… Read more »

Try Something New!

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Four year olds at museums? Art museums? Sure — perhaps some of you have done this already — even younger. But we just took a chance we’d find something new and I guess this KIDFUN is about exposing children to all kinds of experiences, even the unexpected. If you live near city, you could visit galleries and make it a… Read more »