Dress-Ups – A Gift for Instantaneous Fun

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I know I’ve talked about hats and wigs, but I have to tell you a “trunk” (well, a box) of dress-up clothing brings immediate gratification to the giver. Actually, one dress-up item works just as well.

From the Learning Express in Cherry Hill, NJ, we bought Ryan an apron with pockets in front filled with a toy hair dryer, comb, mirror and more so she could “play” hairdresser! Her reaction was perfect! She put it on immediately and started “doing” our hair. What a fun gift to give! No polite reaction here … instantaneous fun!

And, I bet you could dream up lots more gifts like this and make your own. You could buy a small apron and, perhaps, a chef hat. Put some utensils in the gift box, like wooden spoons, a rubber spatula, a plastic bowl and measuring spoons. This could be another gift that brings immediate fun. You could both go in the kitchen and whip up something yummy to eat!

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