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Whether it’s a car, plane, boat, train, bus … or some other vehicle, it’s always helpful to have easy ideas of fun activities to share together. These probably work just as well during waiting times or when the family is together.

Follow Me!

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I visited Ryan’s kindergarten class at Congregation M’kor Shalom yesterday and thought this was a perfect KIDFUN idea that her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rothman, was playing. She said — “Let’s all sing our Good morning song,” but she started with this game. The students had to follow her, make the same motions she made. What a tease! First Mrs. Rothman… Read more »

Music and Art – A Great Combo for Kids

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art places a lot of value on families and Sundays are filled with Family Programs. I happened to be there last week and loved watching the Ken Ulansey Band members playing upbeat music for the kids and families. The kids couldn’t help but get into the rhythm and beat and get up and dance. Here’s a… Read more »

Count the Syllables — It’s Fun!

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Yep, this IS KIDFUN. Have you ever tried to teach very young children to break words into syllables. It’s really all about rhythm. Teach your children to speak chop-py. Try the word “rab-bit.” Then ask them to count the syllables with you. Say “rabbit,” slowly — Rab-bit! 2! Then try “pho-to-graph.” You may need to use fingers for counting. (I know what… Read more »

The Clapping Orchestra

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The other day our family had an orchestra — a clapping orchestra. No instruments needed here just hands. There’s one orchestra conductor who leads the way — with quiet claps and loud claps (imagine your hands are cymbals), with claps high in the air and claps low to the ground, with claps on heads, on cheeks, on knees and tables… Read more »

Jazz it Up … It’s Fun to Scat!

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I couldn’t believe the first time I heard Ryan scatting in the backseat of my car. I swear it sounded like there was a bass player there. That was months ago. Last night she said to me, “Grammy, I know you like jazz.” (How DID she know that?? I didn’t even know she understood what jazz was, which was my… Read more »

While They’re Young … Share Your Interests

Are you an art lover? How about music or dance? Take advantage of your preschooler’s youth, while she is open-minded and happy for your attention, and share your favorites with her. Lately, I feel like Ryan is truly sharing my special interests and it’s so much fun. I couldn’t believe when my son-in-law Scott told me Ryan has been asking… Read more »