Lightening Up a Holiday Gift!

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Nope, this isn’t about ornamental lights — but it is about adding some brightness with an easy-to-do holiday gift.

How ’bout a collection of FLASHLIGHTS? You know, they come in all sizes — those tiny ones for a key chain, the regular size (in all colors), those large ones used more for construction work. Kids just love flashlights and if you’re looking for something a little different with lots of creativity connected to it, try giving these this holiday season.

And, check out the game Facey on KIDFUN for one easy idea of fun. Okay, I’ll remind you. Cut out a face in a paper plate, go into a dark space with your child (like a powder room or laundry room … or closet) and point the flashlight toward this cut-out face. Point it toward the ceiling and, before you know it, Facey the Ghost just might appear!

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