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Crazy Animals

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You may be wondering what these drawings represent, and that’s exactly what I want you to do. Because they are artistic creations and nothing specific. We call them Crazy Animals. Yep, so crazy that there can be 10 eyeballs right in the middle of a rectangle body. So crazy, that a chicken foot might be popping out of the top this oval… Read more »

Paint Your Name

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KIDFUN rarely includes art projects but this one just sort of happened. Maybe it could happen for you! Ryan, who is now 8, and I went to an arts and crafts store and she saw these letters. They are cardboard and very inexpensive and since there’s only four letters to her name, we thought we’d buy them along with paint… Read more »

Remembering CARTONS!

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I saw a wonderful example of play — actually it’s called the Ultimate Block Party — and was reminded about those GIANT cartons, the kind that refrigerators come in. Okay, maybe not quite that large, but about how about all those cartons that the holiday gifts you are ordering, arrive in. If you have space, save them. Then when your… Read more »

Let’s Have a Party — a Yogurt Party

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Ryan and I started a tradition over a year ago. You might remember. We had a “whipped cream party!” That was very cute since we both like whipped cream and we sprayed lots of in bowls and just ate it … no ice cream! This morning she said, “Grammy, let’s have a yogurt party!” Perfect … And,she added, “Actually, let’s… Read more »

Counting Stories … it’s like a word problem in math!

I wrote some math games the other day and included one about making word problems actually fun. For me, in later years in school. they were impossible. So, I always thought if math problems were just part of conversation maybe they would have been easier for me. You know, making up stories with the element of counting. So, you can… Read more »

Be the Count on Halloween — Count the Candy!

The Perfect Arithmetic Lesson! Ha, Ha, Ha! … Counting the Candy! I know it’s Halloween and how can I take away all the fun! But, imagine all that candy that just might be accumulated at the end of  the day! Do you remember emptying your bag of goodies after you got home from trick or treating? I do. We’d sort… Read more »

The Art of Roughhousing — Part II of A Family Pile Up

Yesterday, I wrote about how much fun it is to be playful with your kids (thanks to Dr. Lawrence Cohen and his Playful Parenting tips.) I forgot to mention that he and Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet are the authors of a book called The Art of Roughhousing (Quirk Books). Think about — how often do you sprawl around on the… Read more »

Sharing Your Holiday

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Even though I’m Jewish, I love Christmas. I always have. I’d wake up and think about all the children in the world running to see what’s under their tree. And, it wasn’t until four years ago that I had a clearer understanding of what it meant — because my friends Rocco, Tina, Rocky and Athena invite me to share Christmas… Read more »

KIDFUN Kindness

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What could be a better time of year to teach your child about kindness! We spend so much on our kids, why not spend a little more (like $5) to teach a lesson on helping another? First, do a little research to find a nearby charity where children aren’t as blessed as yours, perhaps in a hospital or a shelter…. Read more »

Dress-Ups – A Gift for Instantaneous Fun

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I know I’ve talked about hats and wigs, but I have to tell you a “trunk” (well, a box) of dress-up clothing brings immediate gratification to the giver. Actually, one dress-up item works just as well. From the Learning Express in Cherry Hill, NJ, we bought Ryan an apron with pockets in front filled with a toy hair dryer, comb,… Read more »