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Homemade Badminton

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It was my granddaugther Jaclyn’s first birthday party and Hope, her mom, came up with such great ideas. (Do you think she was raised on KIDFUN?!) She had kids in the backyard playing homemade Badminton, like Sari is doing here. Actually, there was no net but that was fine! It’s simple to make the racket. Take a paper plate and… Read more »

Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Check this out — Tic Tac Toe. Here’s Lexi tossing mini-frisbees on a giant tic tac toe board made simply by Hope on an old sheet. She took colorful tape and made the board. Then, she bought little frisbees and the kids (and adults) actually tossed them onto the squares hoping to get three-in-a-row. Perfect for outdoor fun, at a… Read more »

Follow Me!

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I visited Ryan’s kindergarten class at Congregation M’kor Shalom yesterday and thought this was a perfect KIDFUN idea that her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rothman, was playing. She said — “Let’s all sing our Good morning song,” but she started with this game. The students had to follow her, make the same motions she made. What a tease! First Mrs. Rothman… Read more »

Always — Balloons are Great Fun

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Need a quick idea to brighten a dull moment? Balloons, of course! There is just something magical about these fluffy, air-filled plastic balls of color. No matter what you do — throw them in the air, have a catch, play volleyball, rub them on your clothes for static electricity magic (when they cling to everything) or use them when jumping… Read more »

Music and Art – A Great Combo for Kids

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art places a lot of value on families and Sundays are filled with Family Programs. I happened to be there last week and loved watching the Ken Ulansey Band members playing upbeat music for the kids and families. The kids couldn’t help but get into the rhythm and beat and get up and dance. Here’s a… Read more »

Remembering CARTONS!

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I saw a wonderful example of play — actually it’s called the Ultimate Block Party — and was reminded about those GIANT cartons, the kind that refrigerators come in. Okay, maybe not quite that large, but about how about all those cartons that the holiday gifts you are ordering, arrive in. If you have space, save them. Then when your… Read more »