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Every now and then I’ll suggest a neat gift to give a child, perhaps something you hadn’t thought of, definitely something creative and not very costly. I hope you find good ideas here.

Remember – costume sales

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I’m sure you all know that costumes are fun, not just one day but 365 days of the year. Today’s the day (maybe all week) to get a bunch of  costumes at great buys to keep all year long. In fact, they are great holiday and birthday gifts! Add a trunk to store them and you’ll provide creative outlets for… Read more »

The Gift of Music

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Give the gift of music this holiday season! One day Sari and Ryan may not be happy I shared this picture on KIDFUN but I just love how much music is in their hearts! Package that this holiday season… find fun-filled music experiences for the children in your life as presents. For example, in Audobon, NJ is the Conservatory of… Read more »

Gifts with Purpose … add a Surprise!

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I know some kids have wish lists. Some parents have them, too. And, every now and then you decide clothing is the best gift at the time. Just don’t be disappointed if you get a polite “thank you,” and not the enthusiasm of something more interactive. Here’s a trick … KIDFUN Style! If buying clothing, add a surprise inside that… Read more »

KIDFUN Kindness

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What could be a better time of year to teach your child about kindness! We spend so much on our kids, why not spend a little more (like $5) to teach a lesson on helping another? First, do a little research to find a nearby charity where children aren’t as blessed as yours, perhaps in a hospital or a shelter…. Read more »

Linens … for Kids! Surprising Gifts

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I know — shocking, right? Why would you go into a linen department to buy gifts for the kids? It’s easy — all their favorite friends are there! Have you ever thought about an assortment of pillow cases for a present? One night, Elmo could be a pillow pal, another Sponge Bob or Dora and so many princesses. You could… Read more »

Dress-Ups – A Gift for Instantaneous Fun

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I know I’ve talked about hats and wigs, but I have to tell you a “trunk” (well, a box) of dress-up clothing brings immediate gratification to the giver. Actually, one dress-up item works just as well. From the Learning Express in Cherry Hill, NJ, we bought Ryan an apron with pockets in front filled with a toy hair dryer, comb,… Read more »

Face Painting Kit — Another KIDFUN Gift!

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You know, face painting is just plain fun and another affordable gift idea. Here’s what you need: a plastic shoe box or another container for storage, non-allergenic cosmetics like blush, powder (a compact is perfect), eye shadow in various colors and lipstick. Perhaps, you can find an inexpensive lipstick brush and eyebrow pencils. Get a small stand up mirror and… Read more »

Lightening Up a Holiday Gift!

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Nope, this isn’t about ornamental lights — but it is about adding some brightness with an easy-to-do holiday gift. How ’bout a collection of FLASHLIGHTS? You know, they come in all sizes — those tiny ones for a key chain, the regular size (in all colors), those large ones used more for construction work. Kids just love flashlights and if… Read more »