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KIDFUN activities work in lots of places but often there are games that are just played outdoors — in the backyard, in the park, on the cement, or while taking a walk.

Anything Can Be Drums

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Anything can be drums — even these crates that the girls used for collecting Easter eggs. There will were on a hayride and before I knew they took their baskets turned them over and started beating on the drums. Ryan often picks up any kind of long stick and makes that drumsticks, beating away rhythms. But, how about the bottom… Read more »

Homemade Badminton

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It was my granddaugther Jaclyn’s first birthday party and Hope, her mom, came up with such great ideas. (Do you think she was raised on KIDFUN?!) She had kids in the backyard playing homemade Badminton, like Sari is doing here. Actually, there was no net but that was fine! It’s simple to make the racket. Take a paper plate and… Read more »

Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Check this out — Tic Tac Toe. Here’s Lexi tossing mini-frisbees on a giant tic tac toe board made simply by Hope on an old sheet. She took colorful tape and made the board. Then, she bought little frisbees and the kids (and adults) actually tossed them onto the squares hoping to get three-in-a-row. Perfect for outdoor fun, at a… Read more »

Follow Me!

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I visited Ryan’s kindergarten class at Congregation M’kor Shalom yesterday and thought this was a perfect KIDFUN idea that her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rothman, was playing. She said — “Let’s all sing our Good morning song,” but she started with this game. The students had to follow her, make the same motions she made. What a tease! First Mrs. Rothman… Read more »

Stick Letters

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I think I wrote about this kind of thing before — but it’s always fun to take “stuff” and make letters out of it. Look at this! Ryan took our roles of gift wrap and said, “Let’ make a K for KIDFUN, Grammy!” … Great idea! We also made a T, an F, an X — any other letter with… Read more »

A Part of Art

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Ryan has always loved sculpture. Okay, I’ll take some credit for that. We’d look for it everywhere. I found this old photo of Ryan when we were visiting Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. What could be better than a sculpture garden! Well, for me the combination is ideal and, it turned out, for Ryan, too. She loved turning into… Read more »