What Was on the Tray?

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This game is a memory game I call “What was on the tray?” It was so much fun when we played it in Ryan’s preschool. First we found objects like keys, a ball, a rubber band … you could add a pencil, a small pad of paper. Whatever you find. Show everyone the tray and verbalize together what IS on the tray. Then one person leaves the room, removes one object, comes back and asks … “What was on the tray?” It’s really fun to try to remember.

What’s great about this tray game are all the variations you can do. You can start with four or five objects and add more to have 10 objects to remember. You can try it blindfolded and only know what’s on the tray with the sense of touch. You can describe each object by color, too, and ask “What RED object was on the tray?”

The day after my visit, Mrs. Getson and Mrs. Geisler did it another way at M’kor Shalom for Ryan’s class. Since the Hanukah season is here, they put an assortment of colorful dreidels on the tray, had the kids remove one of them and come back to ask the class “What colorful dreidel WAS on the tray?”

Have the kids create new ways to play this and try it at a family gathering. it’s great for all ages.

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