Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

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Do your kids believe in the tooth fairy? To some children, “she” is very special and her arrival for the very first time is something to savor. When Hannah McCarthy lost her first tooth this weekend she not only waited eagerly to see what the tooth fairy would bring her, she requested a surprise for her twin sister Chloe, too, who’s still waiting to lose her first tooth. So after Hannah’s tooth mysteriously fell out of her mouth, she decided to write a letter to the tooth fairy and make a request for her visit to include Chloe. (How impressive is that!)

So, I’ll tell you what Hannah and Chloe found from the “tooth fairy” just in case you need some ideas. Well, first there was some pixie dust (glitter) sprinkled around their room — on their bed, pillow, too! (I even heard from their mom, Stefanie, that sometimes tooth fairies leave the window open and scatter pixie dust there, but it is winter here so I guess that didn’t happen in their house.) Then the tooth fairy left a poem for them the next morning sharing her excitement. It was written on white paper cut out and shaped like a tooth. She also left dental floss, a new toothbrush AND money. (How much does YOUR tooth fairy leave these days? I remember getting $1.) Well, Hannah requested (only to be fair, well kinda’ fair) that she get … $10 and her sister also get some money … $5. And, the tooth fairy granted her wish.

When I saw Hannah and Chloe’s mom, who told me about this special visit, she was beaming because, after all, this was a very special occasion in the lives of the McCarthy family and their grandparents, too!

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