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There’s something very special about bedtime … getting the kids settled down and cuddling up together. Try these special games for these special times.

Look up … It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane — It’s “Facey!

Flashlights are great toys for kids! There’s so much to do with them that just fascinates young children — actually, adults, too! Try this — cut out a face from a paper plate. Two circle eyes, a circle nose and a crescent shape mouth. Take it into a dark room — like a bathroom, the laundry room, a bedroom —… Read more »

Snail Mail — Kids Love it!

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You’ve Got Mail! Guess what? That expression could easily come out of your mouth instead of the voice of an AOL account! And, just think how excited a young child will be to hear you say it! Pam Laughlin of, who writes for, suggested a series of Snail Mail ideas and I love them. They work great for… Read more »

What’s It for?

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Have ever just sat on a bench or the curb and had a conversation with a young child? You know, just talked about “stuff?” Diane Gugliotta told me about the “good ol’ days” when she did that with her brother, Gene. She said she’d ask him this question … “What’s it for?” and he would come up with the cutest… Read more »

And in the Castle Was a ….

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Of course, we all tell stories to our children — but how ’bout getting THEM in the act! You start the story, she adds to it. At an interesting moment she stops and you continue and so on and so on. It’s that easy. I’ll give you an example. One day a little girl was walking by the castle and… Read more »

Tape a Tale … Add Sound Effects!

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The other day my son-in-law Joe was telling me how much he likes Classic Radio, that good ol-time radio! He thought there might be something in that for KIDFUN. He was right! For one thing, why don’t you read your child’s favorite storybook into a tape recorder or some sort of taping device? Then at bedtime, ask a babysitter to… Read more »

Make a Book about … The Phanatic or Elmo or ….

Sometimes a KIDFUN moment happens and I have no idea it’s coming! Yesterday morning, I was talking to Ryan about the Phillie Phanatic because I was thinking I’d take her (a three year old) to the game last night. If you know anything about major league baseball, you know the Phillies are really hot right now! Well, Ryan sat with… Read more »

Once Upon a Time – Customized Tales

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Storytelling — what an art! You can instill an appreciation for storytelling at  a very young age by making up stories about someone a child loves … or even about himself! Jackee Swartz shared this idea with us. She loves to tell her grandkids stories about their father. “Once upon a time there was a little boy named Eric.” She… Read more »

Let’s Talk …

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Hi .. I’d like to bring you up-to-date with KIDFUN, which actually is something we should do with our children, too … even young ones. Bring them up-to-date! Talk to them about you, their relatives, your family plans. Not a lot of detail but just enough to keep them informed. For children, it’s a huge compliment when you share what’s… Read more »

I Remember When – A Personal Book on Tape

Share a bit of yourself with your child … a bit of your childhood. After all, what would make him more curious than imagining YOU the first time you rode a bike, your first day of school, you playing with a sibling or a cousin, and on and on. And, do this anytime — in a car, at a restaurant,… Read more »