So Many Pals – Make up Their Life Stories!

I wasn’t too sure what to call this but, have you noticed how young children ┬áhave a very special relationship with their stuffed animals? And, then there’s one that often becomes “it,” the one they take everywhere. Well, what does your child know about that plush toy, that very special “Pal” and many of his others? They could have wonderful stories that your child can create. Maybe they all have a name, but who’s their best friend (in addition to your child, of course)? What do they like to eat? Where do they like to play? What’s their favorite ice cream? Do they go to school yet? How old are they? What a great language arts activity and a fun way to help a toddler develop language skills! And, what’s even more special about this is that when your child lulls off to sleep, he can dream up even more glorious tales about his pals surrounding him.

About Sharla

Sharla Feldscher has always been a "kid-believer!" She's written six books on creative activities to enjoy with young children and has written for magazines, newspapers, broadcast media and now has this blog with one easy-to-do KIDFUN tip each blog. She is also the owner of a public relations business in Philadelphia.

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