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Sharla Feldscher has always been a "kid-believer!" She's written six books on creative activities to enjoy with young children and has written for magazines, newspapers, broadcast media and now has this blog with one easy-to-do KIDFUN tip each blog. She is also the owner of a public relations business in Philadelphia.

Be a Decorator

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What an unexpected bit of practical fun Sari and I had the other night! This may look like a playroom but actually, it’s only a section of her family’s living room. As Sari explains, “It’s the Kids Section.” Since her daddy made a change to the living — removing the large screen TV that sat on a piece of furniture, there… Read more »

Concoction Cooking

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You could say I hate to see uneaten food get wasted! You could say … I know a great way to keep kids occupied! … Or, you could say … I’m just remembering some great fun I had with my brother when I was a kid! Well, they all work! … Did you ever do this? Make a terrific concoction… Read more »

Let’s Take the Train — at Home!

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I just loved this post on Mommy Ever After ( where Rebecca Fox Starr wrote about her daughter Belle. What a great example of KIDFUN! Here is this resourceful little girl, looking for something creative to do and what is it? Make a train station right in her home! “All Aboard!” as her mom called it. Rebecca explained it this… Read more »

Homemade Badminton

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It was my granddaugther Jaclyn’s first birthday party and Hope, her mom, came up with such great ideas. (Do you think she was raised on KIDFUN?!) She had kids in the backyard playing homemade Badminton, like Sari is doing here. Actually, there was no net but that was fine! It’s simple to make the racket. Take a paper plate and… Read more »

Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Check this out — Tic Tac Toe. Here’s Lexi tossing mini-frisbees on a giant tic tac toe board made simply by Hope on an old sheet. She took colorful tape and made the board. Then, she bought little frisbees and the kids (and adults) actually tossed them onto the squares hoping to get three-in-a-row. Perfect for outdoor fun, at a… Read more »

Follow Me!

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I visited Ryan’s kindergarten class at Congregation M’kor Shalom yesterday and thought this was a perfect KIDFUN idea that her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rothman, was playing. She said — “Let’s all sing our Good morning song,” but she started with this game. The students had to follow her, make the same motions she made. What a tease! First Mrs. Rothman… Read more »