Paint Your Name

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R Y AN paintingKIDFUN rarely includes art projects but this one just sort of happened. Maybe it could happen for you! Ryan, who is now 8, and I went to an arts and crafts store and she saw these letters. They are cardboard and very inexpensive and since there’s only four letters to her name, we thought we’d buy them along with paint and sponge paintbrushes and give it a try.. Ryan decided which colors she wanted — all neon — and what colors would look good touching each other. Then we came home (back to Grammy’s house), covered the table and started to paint. What I love about painting this way is that you really can’t mess up! It’s just filling each letter with paint, on the sides and edges, too. It took awhile to dry but now R Y A N is displayed on a shelf and brings a big smile to our faces remembering this surprise artistic adventure we shared! 

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