Concoction Cooking

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Jayna and Sari pouring IMG_5175Sari You could say I hate to see uneaten food get wasted! You could say … I know a great way to keep kids occupied! … Or, you could say … I’m just remembering some great fun I had with my brother when I was a kid!

Well, they all work! … Did you ever do this? Make a terrific concoction of leftovers when you were bored at a restaurant or even in the kitchen at home, after a meal? I like to call this creative cooking — well, KIDFUN style cooking, because it really is fun!

Here Jayna (holding the bowl) and Sari started with the leftovers from a bowl of soup. Then they found more stuff just laying around the table. Then they checked out everyone’s meal. They were very polite and asked, “Are you finished with that?” And, if the answer was, “YES,” they started pouring and stirring. See here … that’s my leftover salad dressing that Sari was pouring into the bowl.

They learned Concoction Cooking from their friend and cousin Ryan, who’s been doing this for “years.” After all, she’s seven now. And, it was before we all went to see Ryan in “Annie” at her local theater school. Ha, Ryan was an orphan … Hope they didn’t have to eat a meal like this! Happy Cooking!

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