Painting Furniture and more!

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Painting old furniture - IMG_6754 Do you have an old chest or cabinet that has lots of scratches on it? It’s a bit of an eyesore but it’s storing a bunch of things you want to keep. Well, you can do what my son-in-law, Scott, did with Ryan, 7. He found some old paint, that was used on the walls, he covered the floor and they painted that piece of furniture that needed some cheering up. Okay, maybe they didn’t exactly use the best paint — but Ryan is sure proud of herself for painting the orange doors on the front. Then, she said — “And, Grammy, you know the pig by our front door? Did you notice anything different?” I did. She said, “We painted that, too!” The old stone pig that was covered with mud is now orange, also! Creativity at its best!

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