Homemade Badminton

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It was my granddaugther Jaclyn’s first birthday party and Hope, her mom, came up with such great ideas. (Do you think she was raised on KIDFUN?!) She had kids in the backyard playing homemade Badminton, like Sari is doing here. Actually, there was no net but that was fine! It’s simple to make the racket. Take a paper plate and tape a Popsicle stick to the back of it. Then the “birdie” can be a ping pong ball — or even better — a balloon. Everyone can hit that birdie back and forth to see how long the rally lasts. If you wanted to make a net, simply tie a rope, string or ribbon on the back of two chairs. Make sure it’s long. Then place the chairs a short distance apart, enough to make a net. Now, it’s really a tough competition! Keep score with team members on each side. Sounds like fun, right? That’s because this is one of those KIDFUN games that works for all ages. Try it!  Sari with homemade paddle for balloon fun

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