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Water games are fun whether the kids are in the bath, using a bucket outside on a hot day, playing in a pool or by the ocean at the beach. We hope these lead to many more good ideas for the kids.

“Gonna’ Wash That Man Right Outa’ My Hair” … by Hope Feldscher Horwitz

Bath time is fun time for most of parents, depending on the phase your child happens to be in that day! For me, my 2 and a half year old, Sari,  has loved and hated bath time and when she hates it, we all hate it. Lately it’s been fun though with bubbles and paint (colored soap) and a boat…. Read more »

Painting with Lather — in the Tub, of course!

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See that great shampoo lather? Ya’ know what it’s perfect for? Painting, of course! The lather is the paint — your child’s finger is the paint brush. The tile is the canvas and a handy squeeze bottle filled with water is the receptacle to clean up that lathery artwork! EVEN better … supply a few clean, new, thin paint brushes… Read more »

Water Play – Can She Fit in a Bucket?

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The weather’s been so crazy — who would think I’d write about Water Play in April (at least on the east coast!) Yesterday I got a video of Ryan squooshed into a bucket wearing a bathing suit. (She’s not so small — but it wasn’t such a small bucket either.) And, I thought maybe it’s time for KIDFUN to think… Read more »

Cooking with … SNOW!

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Okay, it’s not really cooking … but collecting fresh new snow in a plastic mixing bowl using a large wooden spoon comes pretty close to it. We must have been busy for a half hour or more “in” the house playing with snow and just the wonder of it all was fun in itself. But, think of all the plastic… Read more »

Singin’ in the Rain!!

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Okay, this is pretty obvious …. “I’m singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain!” Try it — get out your child’s boots, raincoat and umbrella and join him as you jump in those puddles and skip down the street … AND SING! (Okay, your neighbors might think you’re mimicking that great scene by Gene Kelly swingin’ on a… Read more »

How ‘Bout Washing the Car and Other Stuff??

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Do what, you ask??? Yep — get some buckets of water, sponges, clean cloths and wash the car with the kids! It feels like the good ol’ days just writing this! Yesterday, Ryan did this … well, kinda’. She scrubbed her dad’s motorcycle with him. Her friend came by and helped and it just reminded me of my brother and… Read more »

A Good Ol’ Bucket of Water

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Okay — now I am really dating myself! I remember being so hot that my mother would bring a bucket of water outside and we would sit on the step and put our feet in it. They were probably the days before room air conditioners were popular and we did anything just to cool off.  Now, I really sound like… Read more »