Let’s Take the Train — at Home!

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Rebecca Fox Chair Photo I just loved this post on Mommy Ever After (http://mommyeverafter.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/all-aboard/) where Rebecca Fox Starr wrote about her daughter Belle. What a great example of KIDFUN!

Here is this resourceful little girl, looking for something creative to do and what is it? Make a train station right in her home! “All Aboard!” as her mom called it. Rebecca explained it this way:

So Belle took our kitchen chairs and lined them up as a train, stacking a step stool on the seat for her to sit on and using a plastic cup as her steering wheel. She found a hat to use as her conductor’s hat and off she went!! 

So, if your child wants a little distraction, suggest she take a train ride to, well, anywhere her imagination will take her! And then join her on the journey!

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