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KIDFUN activities work in lots of places but often there are games that are just played outdoors — in the backyard, in the park, on the cement, or while taking a walk.

Homemade Bubble Wands

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It’s the end of the summer and, I don’t know about your house, but mine is filled with bottles of bubbles. So, try this — look around the house for homemade wands. Pipe cleaners are fun — how about cookie cutters, too? You can connect a couple pipe cleaners and make a giant circle for bigger bubbles. You can shape… Read more »

Always — Balloons are Great Fun

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Need a quick idea to brighten a dull moment? Balloons, of course! There is just something magical about these fluffy, air-filled plastic balls of color. No matter what you do — throw them in the air, have a catch, play volleyball, rub them on your clothes for static electricity magic (when they cling to everything) or use them when jumping… Read more »

Digging in the Dirt — Earth Day or Any Day

You never know what you can find in the earth … so encourage the kids to find a spot, with your guidance, and dig in the dirt to uncover treasures that might be waiting for them … from stones to sticks. Their hands can be their shovels or get them some real garden shovels to do their exploring. Green Hearts,… Read more »

Real “Stuff” Sculpture

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Maybe, one day, Ryan will become a sculptor because she   loves creating art from all kinds of things — like forks! We were waiting at a restaurant and she just started playing with a couple forks and look at this! She said, “Grammy, it’s sculpture!” What can you use for building tools in your house? Maybe little boxes or… Read more »