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Be a Decorator

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What an unexpected bit of practical fun Sari and I had the other night! This may look like a playroom but actually, it’s only a section of her family’s living room. As Sari explains, “It’s the Kids Section.” Since her daddy made a change to the living — removing the large screen TV that sat on a piece of furniture, there… Read more »

“Gonna’ Wash That Man Right Outa’ My Hair” … by Hope Feldscher Horwitz

Bath time is fun time for most of parents, depending on the phase your child happens to be in that day! For me, my 2 and a half year old, Sari,  has loved and hated bath time and when she hates it, we all hate it. Lately it’s been fun though with bubbles and paint (colored soap) and a boat…. Read more »

Snail Mail — Kids Love it!

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You’ve Got Mail! Guess what? That expression could easily come out of your mouth instead of the voice of an AOL account! And, just think how excited a young child will be to hear you say it! Pam Laughlin of, who writes for, suggested a series of Snail Mail ideas and I love them. They work great for… Read more »

Colorful Storage Boxes

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This is almost an oxymoron – colorful storage boxes. Who cares if your storage boxes are colorful!! Well, your kids might if they had a few of them and it would help them find one storage box of books, or another box of trucks or musical instruments, etc., etc. Kids love to paint objects … just to cover a “thing”… Read more »

You’re Never Too Young to … Write Lists!

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Back to school is all about getting organized for you and for your child. Can you make list-writing into a creative activity? I know, this doesn’t sound like the typical KIDFUN idea but I’m just imagining how great it would be to get kids in the habit at a really young age of keeping lists — even if they can’t… Read more »