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When the kids want to hang out in the kitchen, there are lots of fun things to do. Try these.

Follow the Path

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Here’s the situation. You’re eating out at a restaurant and it’s just taking too long for the food. What to do? Look around you — there are wonderful props for KIDFUN. For example, sugar packets are great for making a path from one side of the table to the other. You can take imaginary walks down this path or you… Read more »

Concoction Cooking

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You could say I hate to see uneaten food get wasted! You could say … I know a great way to keep kids occupied! … Or, you could say … I’m just remembering some great fun I had with my brother when I was a kid! Well, they all work! … Did you ever do this? Make a terrific concoction… Read more »

Let’s Take the Train — at Home!

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I just loved this post on Mommy Ever After ( where Rebecca Fox Starr wrote about her daughter Belle. What a great example of KIDFUN! Here is this resourceful little girl, looking for something creative to do and what is it? Make a train station right in her home! “All Aboard!” as her mom called it. Rebecca explained it this… Read more »

Blow It — great at restaurants

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It was one of those times where a resourceful KIDFUN idea would really help. Waiting for food at a casual restaurant, we played “Blow It.” We tore a couple pieces from the straw wrapper and blew it, literally, across the table. See the fork and spoon there? It was a channel. And — off they go! Who was going to… Read more »

Cookie Designs

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What a perfect way to spend time indoors (especially if it’s a snow day like it is in our area)! It’s not just baking cookies — it’s decorating them! Yum! Here is Jessica Heisen helping Ryan (and Sari, Molly and lots more kids who came later). The first part of this project is baking sugar cookies together. If you’re like… Read more »

Delicious Dessert Surprise!

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Look at that face! Doesn’t that look like someone who is so proud of herself? That’s Ryan after mixing up a dessert surprise for her cousin Caitlin! Okay, maybe Grammy got in the act, too! We just mixed up some leftovers from dinner last night. A little of this and a little of that. I bet your kids will have… Read more »

Mummy Cookie Pops by Jessica

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Just in time for Halloween you can make these adorably creative mummy pops. Perfect for KIDFUN and getting into the spooky spirit with the kids! Jessica of CopyCake Cook, a blog about food, life and photography, was nice enough to share these directions. Ingredients:  1. A basic sugar cookie recipe or store-bought mix 2. White frosting 3. Lollipop sticks 4. A pastry… Read more »

Silverware Alphabet

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Okay, maybe playing with knives is not such a good idea, but when you’re in charge, it’s okay!! While waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant, we tried this KIDFUN activity. Guess the letter? Of course — a K for KIDFUN! There were lots of letters we could make — anything that didn’t have a circle shape as part… Read more »

Real “Stuff” Sculpture

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Maybe, one day, Ryan will become a sculptor because she   loves creating art from all kinds of things — like forks! We were waiting at a restaurant and she just started playing with a couple forks and look at this! She said, “Grammy, it’s sculpture!” What can you use for building tools in your house? Maybe little boxes or… Read more »