Snail Mail — Kids Love it!

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You’ve Got Mail! Guess what? That expression could easily come out of your mouth instead of the voice of an AOL account! And, just think how excited a young child will be to hear you say it!
Pam Laughlin of, who writes for, suggested a series of Snail Mail ideas and I love them. They work great for KIDFUN. I’ll share them from time to time.

Of course, you can always buy or make a greeting card for no reason. You know all those sweet “friend” cards? Make one for your young friend or relative saying how special he is. Put a stamp on it. Mail it.

Or, Pam suggests sending a Certificate in the Mail congratulating the child for an accomplishment … as simple as cleaning his room, learning to swim, helping with his baby brother. You can make a certificate easily in the computer just by typing a message like CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT to ______ for _______. Then date it and sign it. Add an interesting border, print it out, place it in an envelope and mail it! Pam says make your own or buy them at the store. Anyway you do it, it’s getting a positive message in the mail that’s the point.

The fun part will be either watching his face when he opens his envelope as you read the certificate to him or when he calls you to say, “Thank you.” And, some of these words may be new words for him but for the non-reader just looking at this “official” document sent in the mail will make him feel very special. Actually, buy some gold stars and stick them on, too!

Thanks, Pam. Your ideas are wonderful!

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