Colorful Storage Boxes

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This is almost an oxymoron – colorful storage boxes. Who cares if your storage boxes are colorful!! Well, your kids might if they had a few of them and it would help them find one storage box of books, or another box of trucks or musical instruments, etc., etc.

Kids love to paint objects … just to cover a “thing” with globs of paint. I remember when Amy was a preschooler we took a carton and painted it purple. With lots of newspaper on the floor, a bottle of tempera paint (that you can buy at a toy store, or, possibly, a dollar store) and two paint brushes, we were set. She selected purple and we just covered it, every side. After it dried, I printed in black paint — Amy’s Book Box.

Actually, if I remember correctly, that box then became a music box for her toy tambourine, bells, drumsticks, etc. I think I still have that box saved! I should get it out for Ryan. It always gives me goosebumps thinking about Ryan using something of her mother’s. (I really saved very little. Hope you don’t make that mistake, too.)

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