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Snuggle Music from “Mommy Ever After”

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I read the sweetest idea on “Mommy Ever After,” a fabulous blog for people who love babies and young children. The idea is called Snuggle Music. The writer, Becca, and her two year old lie in bed with an iPad (honest) and select favorite songs and new ones on YouTube. What a great cuddly way to lull her off to… Read more »

Let’s Take the Train — at Home!

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I just loved this post on Mommy Ever After ( where Rebecca Fox Starr wrote about her daughter Belle. What a great example of KIDFUN! Here is this resourceful little girl, looking for something creative to do and what is it? Make a train station right in her home! “All Aboard!” as her mom called it. Rebecca explained it this… Read more »

Eat Ice Cream on the Floor … and Other Unexpected Moments of Fun!

How often do you do something that is just totally unexpected, something you wouldn’t normally do but is just so silly it makes you all laugh? I just read one of my favorite blogs — Mommy Ever After — and this mommy talked about celebrating her little girl’s 18 month birthday by sitting on the floor together sharing vanilla ice… Read more »

Mirror, Mirror

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I just read a wonderful blog — Mommy Ever After — that I highly recommend and in it, the writer, Becca, talked about her very feminine daughter. I thought about the magic of a mirror for putting on “make up” and also dressing up. It’s one thing to throw on a large scarf/boa around one’s neck, it’s another thing to… Read more »