Making Time for Messes

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Okay, it’s bound to happen – kids get involved in something and mess ensues! Melissa Puente is a mom of two sets of pre-kindergarten twins and has her own opinion of messes. She thinks it’s a good thing. She said, “I love to see how happy it makes my boys when they can really get their hands dirty!” (Pretty good attitude from a mom with TWO sets of twins!)

Here are a few of her tips for making good, clean messes:
• Start with the end in mind – Before getting started in a craft project, cooking and more, cover the floor with a sheet to make for a quick cleanup.
• Outdoor fun – try to do creative projects outside, where it doesn’t matter how messy you get. [On a hot day, you can even hose down your little artists!]
• Schedule mess-time – try to do projects right before bath time when your kids will be getting in the tub anyway

Follow Melissa’s parenting project on her blog, Giving Kids Our Best.

Christian Puente demonstrating the fun of a mess at age 2.

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