Fun Card Game – “Steal the Old Man’s Bundle”

Uh oh — I think I got myself in trouble this time! I wrote last week about sharing your favorite activities with a child and he’ll keep that lesson for a lifetime!

Then I talked about my grandfather teaching me “Steal the Old Man’s Bundle,” a great card game for all ages. I asked if anyone wanted directions and I got a couple requests. It’s so easy, but not so easy to explain.

The real key is playing a card game (like Fish or Casino) and when you take your winning cards, keep them face up in a pile. And, then if your opponent has that faced-up card in his hand, he can steal your bundle. And, you can do it right back to him!

I tried googling it to get the correct directions and found out that people play it with all kinds of games. My grandfather taught us casino-style, but I read it for Fish, too. How ’bout if you make it up your own way — just remember, if you STEAL his bundle, he can steal it right back!

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