Delicious Dessert Surprise!

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Look at that face! Doesn’t that look like someone who is so proud of herself? That’s Ryan after mixing up a dessert surprise for her cousin Caitlin! Okay, maybe Grammy got in the act, too! We just mixed up some leftovers from dinner last night. A little of this and a little of that. I bet your kids will have a ball doing this in the kitchen. Ryan’s “delicious dessert surprise” (or concoction) included a little crumbled cookies, some cold – formerly hot — chocolate, a little mousse pie and water. Yum! She giggled and giggled when her cousin Caitlin came back to the table and it was waiting for her! (Caitlin was too smart, though, wouldn’t dare take a taste!)

Just imagine what your kids could grab from the refrigerator or pantry! I actually remember my brother and I doing this with ketchup and mustard and who knows what else!


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