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Here’s the situation. You’re eating out at a restaurant and it’s just taking too long for the food. What to do? Look around you — there are wonderful props for KIDFUN. For example, sugar packets are great for making a path from one side of the table to the other. You can take imaginary walks down this path or you can use it for a game. We tried sliding a paper coaster through the path. Rules? The coaster cannot touch the path. OR, the coaster should slide down the path of sugar packets but don’t let it fall off the table. Ryan got her dad on that one! The most fun was coming up with the ideas. That’s the real goal of KIDFUN — to get you all thinking creatively, using the “stuff” around you for games which we hope leads to lots of giggling, too. And, of course, before you know it, your food will arrive!

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