You’re Never Too Young to … Write Lists!

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Back to school is all about getting organized for you and for your child. Can you make list-writing into a creative activity? I know, this doesn’t sound like the typical KIDFUN idea but I’m just imagining how great it would be to get kids in the habit at a really young age of keeping lists — even if they can’t read them just yet!

It would be fun if you wrote a word on the list and the child found a sticker that matched it, even a little. What a great reminder that would be to pack a snack if he looked at a sticker of an apple! Maybe at the pharmacy or dollar store, there’s a package of stickers with real life objects on them, like a crayon or clothing. And, if you aren’t lucky enough to find stickers, have your child suggest items for the list and the color of the marker that you write it with. So, the word apple would be in red and that would help him remember a snack each day! It would also help him read, which isn’t really the goal of this “getting organized” tip but it sure is a great by-product!

One thought on “You’re Never Too Young to … Write Lists!

  1. Jackee Swartz

    A similar idea is having children take surveys. Even preschool children can have a picture of vanilla ice cream on one side of the paper and chocolate ice cream on the other half of the paper. They can ask people in the family to pick which one they want. This can lead to conversations about counting, favorites, choices, etc. My grandchildren Niv and Itai will do this at a family picnic. It’s fun, creative and can lead to creative writing.

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