The Art of Roughhousing — Part II of A Family Pile Up

Yesterday, I wrote about how much fun it is to be playful with your kids (thanks to Dr. Lawrence Cohen and his Playful Parenting tips.) I forgot to mention that he and Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet are the authors of a book called The Art of Roughhousing (Quirk Books). Think about — how often do you sprawl around on the floor with the kids and tickle each other till your giggling “your head off!” Do it — be so silly that you’re tackling each other in a tickle war, loving it and just having good wholesome physical play together.
We all need reminders. Listen to this. I’m quoting a description of the book … The Art of Roughhousing shows how play – especially active, physical play like roughhousing – makes kids smart, emotionally intelligent, lovable and likable, ethical, physically fit, and joyful. Everywhere you look, physical play — what some might call “roughhousing” — is being marginalized. Gym classes are getting shorter. Recess periods are being eliminated. Some new schools don’t even have playgrounds. Is it any wonder children retreat to “virtual horseplay” via video games, etc.?
In KIDFUN, I always encourage laughing with your kids, being silly together. Remember the good ol’ days and when you laughed with your family. Did you ride like a horse on your dad or big brother’s back! I did and loved it!

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