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┬áSee this assortment of stickers? There are so many creative things to do with them, and with more credit to my five-year-old granddaughter Ryan, she suggests making Sticker letters for KIDFUN. A fun way to learn the alphabet and a great activity to keep kids busy — even when waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office! Okay, can your child turn stickers into a capitol R? … or the letter of her name? Thanks, again, Ryan!

One thought on “Sticker Letters

  1. Eileen Shorr

    Great idea Ryan! Thanks! I just sent Adam’s daughter Addisyn a letter with stickers on the envelope and stickers on the letter. Mickey Mouse note paper and $1 inside to go shopping at the Dollar Store. The letter said who is this, what color is his nose, shoes, and ears. Can you read the (all caps)letters and the numbers. Grandma Eileen loves you and misses you. Addisyn 3 loves to go to the mailbox to get her letter from Grandma. (I email Erika to tell her when Addisyn needs to check the mailbox. In Frog and Toad are Friends that I had read to Sammi’s first grade class Toad was so unhappy because he never got any mail. At least half of the children in the class had never gotten a letter in their mailbox that was for them and wanted one.

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