Sharing Your Holiday

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Even though I’m Jewish, I love Christmas. I always have. I’d wake up and think about all the children in the world running to see what’s under their tree. And, it wasn’t until four years ago that I had a clearer understanding of what it meant — because my friends Rocco, Tina, Rocky and Athena invite me to share Christmas with them. Athena (Rocco’s grandmother) said, “It’s our four year anniversary!” Isn’t that so nice … four years of them welcoming this Jewish person into their home and share their holiday.

I’m not sure if this fits into KIDFUN but think about how your children can share a part of their holidays with someone whose traditions are different. I think I shocked them that first year with how I responded to their invitation. Really? I can have Christmas with you? I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t wait for Rocco to call me and say that it was time to come over. Actually, I still look forward to it. Rocco, who is now 14, asked if he should still call early. What a silly question? I’m always up before them anyway.

So to everyone … Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays … and think about how much your children can learn by sharing THEIR holidays with others!

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