Remembering CARTONS!

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I saw a wonderful example of play — actually it’s called the Ultimate Block Party — and was reminded about those GIANT cartons, the kind that refrigerators come in. Okay, maybe not quite that large, but about how about all those cartons that the holiday gifts you are ordering, arrive in. If you have space, save them. Then when your child wants a new idea for play, put them in the middle of room and see what happens! Remember how much fun they were for us? We would climb inside them, crawl around them. How about taping them together to see what kind of giant sculpture you can make?

When I taught kindergarten, those cartons became TV sets. To us, a TV set was a big box, not a flat screen! I’d cut off the back and cut a oval type opening in the front. The kids would crawl inside and, instead of singing a song while just sitting on the floor, they’d go inside and BE ON TV when they sang that song.

What can YOU do with cartons? Actually, the better question is, what can your kids do with them? Have fun … KIDFUN, for sure!

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