Blow It — great at restaurants

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It was one of those times where a resourceful KIDFUN idea would really help. Waiting for food at a casual restaurant, we played “Blow It.” We tore a couple pieces from the straw wrapper and blew it, literally, across the table. See the fork and spoon there? It was a channel. And — off they go! Who was going to… Read more »

Reading — Upside Down and other fun UNDER a table!

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I bet you look at this picture and can’t really figure it out. I’m not surprised! From the headline you probably see what we’re doing. Sari, Ryan and I are lying UNDER the dining room table. The girls put down throw pillows and afghans and it’s kinda’ their bed — EVEN when company comes! So, they said, “Grammy, come on… Read more »

Cookie Designs

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What a perfect way to spend time indoors (especially if it’s a snow day like it is in our area)! It’s not just baking cookies — it’s decorating them! Yum! Here is Jessica Heisen helping Ryan (and Sari, Molly and lots more kids who came later). The first part of this project is baking sugar cookies together. If you’re like… Read more »

Stick Letters

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I think I wrote about this kind of thing before — but it’s always fun to take “stuff” and make letters out of it. Look at this! Ryan took our roles of gift wrap and said, “Let’ make a K for KIDFUN, Grammy!” … Great idea! We also made a T, an F, an X — any other letter with… Read more »

Board Games like Philly-opoly are Fun

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  As the holiday season approaches, remember that good ol’ standby — board games. They are great fun for the whole family and an “alternative” to technology! Funny to call THESE an alternative! Okay, here’s a plug for a game I’m proud to have helped develop — it’s Philly-opoly! Lots of people in our city voted on the best properties… Read more »