“Gonna’ Wash That Man Right Outa’ My Hair” … by Hope Feldscher Horwitz

Bath time is fun time for most of parents, depending on the phase your child happens to be in that day! For me, my 2 and a half year old, Sari,  has loved and hated bath time and when she hates it, we all hate it. Lately it’s been fun though with bubbles and paint (colored soap) and a boat.

But even now, she doesn’t like her hair washed and sometimes her body washed. My mom, Sharla, was with us one day for bath time and she started singing a silly little bath tune and it worked wonders! I have never been able to remember that song so one day when Sari was in an especially foul mood in the bathtub, I started singing, “I’m gonna’ wash that man right out of my hair”, from the show South Pacific and it worked! Tonight she asked for, “man hair”. I’ll admit, it took me about five asks to realize what she wanted but once I did we sang it together! I even switched out the word hair for arm, tummy, leg…whatever body part I was washing. She sang along the whole time. Then we called Grammy to sing it to her!

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