Giant Cases — great for storing toys

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Okay, some of you may not call cleaning up a KIDFUN activity, but, if it were, imagine how much easier it would be! Look at Miss Kate here, holding a big cloth bag (like a pillow case for a king-size pillow). She and the kids are actually laughing as they put away their instruments in this big case. What can you use to store a collection of toys? Something like this cloth bag with a draw string, that you can easily pull out and fill it for clean up. Maybe you should sing a song while cleaning up to make the time pass. Or have a race — set the kitchen timer to see how fast you can go! Yep, cleaning up CAN be KIDFUN, too!

Miss Kate is one of the Music Together teachers at Conservatory of Musical Arts in Audobon, NJ, that I’ve been writing about lately. Thank you, Miss Kate!

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