Crazy Animals

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Crazy AnimalsYou may be wondering what these drawings represent, and that’s exactly what I want you to do. Because they are artistic creations and nothing specific. We call them Crazy Animals. Yep, so crazy that there can be 10 eyeballs right in the middle of a rectangle body. So crazy, that a chicken foot might be popping out of the top this oval shaped head. And, look, there’s even an eyeball coming off the side of the face!

Another thing about a crazy animal, it has to have a crazy name. If your child named it a “giraffe,” that doesn’t work … it has to be crazy and silly, like a “Boo-Bop!” You never know, they may come up with a whole family of crazy animals and a brand new language!

You see this was an activity Ryan, 8, Sari, almost 5, and I did to keep busy, instead of bored. It was great for getting out the giggles. Imagine if you’re stuck in a restaurant waiting for food or at a doctor’s office, waiting for an examination, you could create a whole zoo of Crazy Animals!

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