Cookie Designs

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Jessica Heisen sets up Cookie Design Fun with Ryan Munro, 6 What a perfect way to spend time indoors (especially if it’s a snow day like it is in our area)!

It’s not just baking cookies — it’s decorating them! Yum!

Here is Jessica Heisen helping Ryan (and Sari, Molly and lots more kids who came later). The first part of this project is baking sugar cookies together. If you’re like me, the refrigerator dough might be appealing, a simple way to do this. Not as much fun but easier! Then, look around the kitchen for great stuff to add to the finished cookies — from an assortment of icings (the kind in a tube) to colored sprinkles and sugary toppings, to candy (like M & M’s, snow caps and little red hearts) or maybe mini-marshmallows, chocolate syrup .. you know, anything! Then, at dinner, dessert can be served by the kids, after all, they were the pastry chefs!

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