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Waiting is actually a great time to have quality experiences with the kids. Think about how many places we wait together — for food to be served at a restaurant, to see a doctor, at a transportation center, in traffic, for a relative to arrive and on and on. Try these activities to make the time go faster and to let your kids know you, too, know how hard it is to be patient.

Count the Syllables — It’s Fun!

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Yep, this IS KIDFUN. Have you ever tried to teach very young children to break words into syllables. It’s really all about rhythm. Teach your children to speak chop-py. Try the word “rab-bit.” Then ask them to count the syllables with you. Say “rabbit,” slowly — Rab-bit! 2! Then try “pho-to-graph.” You may need to use fingers for counting. (I know what… Read more »

It’s a KIDFUN Mystery

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I should add Ryan’s name as an author of KIDFUN because lately she keeps coming up with KIDFUN ideas. This one is a KIDFUN Mystery! Ryan suggests having the kids get involved in a mystery — which is really a treasure hunt, where you they look for something — the mystery — and you tell them when they’re close, “You’re… Read more »

Sugary Letters

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Sugar for sculpting? Okay, it may not be everyone’s choice, but for us it was fun for Ryan to design an “R” in the plate when we went out for brunch yesterday! Honestly, I messed up my “S” a couple times! So, proceed with caution to avoid a messy trail but it could be a great way to fill some… Read more »

Everything’s a Microphone – even a Ladle!

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Now, this may be surprising to see a photo of someone on KIDFUN who is, well, not exactly a five year old! But, boy does he have the spirit! Phil demonstrated that anything can be a microphone and a great prop for sharing warm feelings (or singing or giving a speech). Try this at Thanksgiving! It’s perfect … We were… Read more »

Restaurant Tips — Do you have any?

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Last night I met old friends sitting at a nearby table at a local restaurant who were sitting with their kids and 2-year-old granddaughter, Rory. When I told them about KIDFUN, they asked about restaurant activities to keep her occupied. What are your favorites? We’d love to know. I know that we usually have little bags of stuff ready to… Read more »

Copycat – a New Version

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Practically anywhere you are, you can play copycat in all kinds of versions. Make it up yourself — have the kids make it up, too! You can jump three times while patting your head three times and have the kids copy you — which would be a great outside game. You can tap on the window six times in a… Read more »

Catch That Rhythm

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You’re stuck in traffic and all of a sudden from the backseat you hear a little drumming on the window. That’s what happened last night. Ryan was using this little plastic toy and tapping out a rhythm on the window. It sounded pretty good so I tried to copy her, just with my hand. Before you know it, we had… Read more »

Dreamin’ BIG!

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Yesterday I heard an amazing talk — Todd Carmichael, the co-founder of La Colombe coffee, who is such an inspiration. He not only dreamed of having a very large coffee company and did it, he dreams about huge treks in places throughout the world and he does that, too. Even breaks world records! But, how did it start I wondered…. Read more »

Great Finds on YouTube like … Shirley Temple!

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Okay, I’m really dating myself but while watching my granddaughter Ryan, 3, put on a show, I realized she might get a kick out of seeing Shirley Temple. Do you remember that adorable curly-haired little girl who sang and danced into thousands of hearts in the movies? It was so simple. Ryan sat on my lap at the computer and… Read more »