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Rainy Day Fun is great for those times when kids are stuck indoors. It can apply to anytime, really, when you need a quick idea to keep kids busy when they can’t be out-of-doors.

Let’s Take the Train — at Home!

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I just loved this post on Mommy Ever After ( where Rebecca Fox Starr wrote about her daughter Belle. What a great example of KIDFUN! Here is this resourceful little girl, looking for something creative to do and what is it? Make a train station right in her home! “All Aboard!” as her mom called it. Rebecca explained it this… Read more »

Homemade Badminton

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It was my granddaugther Jaclyn’s first birthday party and Hope, her mom, came up with such great ideas. (Do you think she was raised on KIDFUN?!) She had kids in the backyard playing homemade Badminton, like Sari is doing here. Actually, there was no net but that was fine! It’s simple to make the racket. Take a paper plate and… Read more »

Follow Me!

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I visited Ryan’s kindergarten class at Congregation M’kor Shalom yesterday and thought this was a perfect KIDFUN idea that her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Rothman, was playing. She said — “Let’s all sing our Good morning song,” but she started with this game. The students had to follow her, make the same motions she made. What a tease! First Mrs. Rothman… Read more »

Reading — Upside Down and other fun UNDER a table!

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I bet you look at this picture and can’t really figure it out. I’m not surprised! From the headline you probably see what we’re doing. Sari, Ryan and I are lying UNDER the dining room table. The girls put down throw pillows and afghans and it’s kinda’ their bed — EVEN when company comes! So, they said, “Grammy, come on… Read more »

Cookie Designs

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What a perfect way to spend time indoors (especially if it’s a snow day like it is in our area)! It’s not just baking cookies — it’s decorating them! Yum! Here is Jessica Heisen helping Ryan (and Sari, Molly and lots more kids who came later). The first part of this project is baking sugar cookies together. If you’re like… Read more »

Stick Letters

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I think I wrote about this kind of thing before — but it’s always fun to take “stuff” and make letters out of it. Look at this! Ryan took our roles of gift wrap and said, “Let’ make a K for KIDFUN, Grammy!” … Great idea! We also made a T, an F, an X — any other letter with… Read more »