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When the kids want to hang out in the kitchen, there are lots of fun things to do. Try these.

Sugary Letters

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Sugar for sculpting? Okay, it may not be everyone’s choice, but for us it was fun for Ryan to design an “R” in the plate when we went out for brunch yesterday! Honestly, I messed up my “S” a couple times! So, proceed with caution to avoid a messy trail but it could be a great way to fill some… Read more »

Everything’s a Microphone – even a Ladle!

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Now, this may be surprising to see a photo of someone on KIDFUN who is, well, not exactly a five year old! But, boy does he have the spirit! Phil demonstrated that anything can be a microphone and a great prop for sharing warm feelings (or singing or giving a speech). Try this at Thanksgiving! It’s perfect … We were… Read more »

Pointer Finger Painting

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Yesterday I visited Ryan’s preschool class and on the wall were many images of the letter “F”. How perfect! I brought  her to school on “my” day — F for Feldscher. And one way the kids illustrated the letter F was by finger painting over a lower case “f”and upper case “F” on construction paper. But, it was very neat…. Read more »

The Kitchen Band

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You know how to make a Kitchen Band, right? Just open the cabinets and pull out the pots (drums), the lids (cymbals), maybe even some large plastic bowls! How about large wooden spoons for drumsticks? What else can you find that you and the kids can make musical? Thanks to actress Sylvia Kauders for reminding me just how much fun… Read more »

It’s Okay — PLAY with your Food!

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Did anyone ever say to you  … “Don’t play with your food?” I have another idea — just the opposite, “Play with Your Food!” What a great motivator to get kids to try something new! I saw a very playful fruit design on Facebook on “Children-More” and thought how much fun it can be to cut up some fruit —… Read more »

Magnetic Signs – Made in the Kitchen

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Kim Lyons shared this great, easy-to-do game with us. Take magnetic letters and form words on a cookie sheet. It can be a message, a name … a sign! What a fun way to learn the alphabet and get comfortable with reading and writing. (Kim is another great mom at the Moorestown Moms Club.) Thanks, Kim.

Order Pads are Fun

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Ya’ know those order pads many servers use at restaurants? They’re fun for kids. Often you can buy them at stationery supply stores. Surprised that they’re fun for kids? Well, imagine this. The kids are busy cooking (stirring, mixing, molding) their play dough and their stuffed animals and dolls are sitting at the table waiting politely. But, first the server… Read more »