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How ‘Bout Washing the Car and Other Stuff??

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Do what, you ask??? Yep — get some buckets of water, sponges, clean cloths and wash the car with the kids! It feels like the good ol’ days just writing this! Yesterday, Ryan did this … well, kinda’. She scrubbed her dad’s motorcycle with him. Her friend came by and helped and it just reminded me of my brother and… Read more »

Saving Art — in a Homemade Portfolio

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This is so easy … you may already do it! It’s Back to School time and that means lots of artwork will be coming home with the kids. Of course, you can post them on the refrigerator or on a Gallery Wall but then you’ll want to save the more special drawings and artistic wonders! Make a homemade portfolio and… Read more »

The Chore Challenge with “Beat the Clock!”

It’s summertime … the livin’ is easin’ and the house is getting messier by the minute! I hope you have a good system for the kids cleaning up the clutter but here’s a KIDFUN tip we call “Beat the Clock! A fun gadget right there in your kitchen is the hand-held timer. You know, the one that ticks away each… Read more »

Little Cleaners

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It’s hard to imagine someone looking forward to cleaning — actually thinking it’s fun! Well, it could be that these little ones will think so forĀ  years to come because they’ve started at a very young age. Ozzie Sacks, not even two years old, couldn’t be happier than doin’ a little window cleaning and dusting! Give him a rag and… Read more »