Be the Count on Halloween — Count the Candy!

The Perfect Arithmetic Lesson! Ha, Ha, Ha! … Counting the Candy! I know it’s Halloween and how can I take away all the fun! But, imagine all that candy that just might be accumulated at the end of ┬áthe day!

Do you remember emptying your bag of goodies after you got home from trick or treating? I do. We’d sort it and make piles of mini-chocolate candy bars, boxes of Dots and Good n’ Plenty and count them. Somehow, my brother always got more than I did!! But, it could be a good way to make math really fun.

It’s funny. Ryan doesn’t even like candy. Maybe they can donate un-opened wrapped candy to a children’s hospital nearby, or maybe there’s a shelter where families might appreciate it. Count how much you can give away, that could be a good idea.

I hope Halloween is lots of fun this year and I can’t wait to see the photo of Chloe Zeldin, who I hear read KIDFUN the other day and became a Mummy! Yeah!

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