Anything Can Be Drums

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Anything can be drums — even these crates that the girls used for collecting Easter eggs. There will were on a hayride and before I knew they took their baskets turned them over and started beating on the drums. Ryan often picks up any kind of long stick and makes that drumsticks, beating away rhythms. But, how about the bottom of trash cans or large plastic bowls? What else in your house can be a good percussion instrument? Have your kids search — it will keep them busy and bring music into their lives, homemade music!

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Sharla Feldscher has always been a "kid-believer!" She's written six books on creative activities to enjoy with young children and has written for magazines, newspapers, broadcast media and now has this blog with one easy-to-do KIDFUN tip each blog. She is also the owner of a public relations business in Philadelphia.

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